About Nozart

I am a producer, composer, songwriter and musician in New York City. You can check out my music at nozartsounds.com, or my duo pop collaboration with Nick Frenay at nickandnoahsing.com.

Jazz Improv Lesson – Diminished Lick #1

In this short jazz piano tutorial, I demonstrate the first of a series of interesting and often-used diminished licks. You’ll learn how how and why they work.

If you’re interested in Skype lessons, email me at JazzPianoConcepts@gmail.com

Jazz Improv Tutorial – Solo Restrictions Part 3 – Stylistic Restrictions

This short jazz improvisation tutorial will teach you some ways to restrict yourself while practicing improvisation. This helps you avoid finger patterns and forces you to be more creative.

I teach Skype lessons. If you’re interested, email me at JazzPianoConcepts@gmail.com

Stylistic Restrictions:

Play only stride
Play in bebop style
Play modern
Bebop on A sections, Modern on Bridge
Play like Bud Powell
Keith Jarrett
McCoy Tyner

How to Play Two Handed Chords – Beginner Voicing Exercise

In this beginner jazz piano lesson, learn how to form voicings using two hands.

I teach Skype lessons. If you’re interested, email me at JazzPianoConcepts@gmail.com.

Also, be sure to check out my musical project, “Nozart,” at facebook.com/nozartsounds.