Stride Piano Solo on Ain’t Misbehavin’

It’s been a while since my last stride video, and I’ve gotten a little rusty! Here’s a clip from my practice session. Working on getting my stride chops back up to par.


Jazz Improv Lesson – Augmented Lick #2

This short piano tutorial will teach you how to play an interesting augmented lick which you can apply to your improvisation.

I teach online private lessons.

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Jazz Improv Tutorial – Solo Restrictions Part 1 – Note Restrictions

This short jazz improvisation tutorial will teach you some ways to restrict yourself while practicing improvisation. This helps you avoid finger patters and forces you to be more creative.

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Note Restrictions:

-1 note
-2 notes
-Notes within a minor third
-Notes within a fifth
-within an octave

Jazz Piano Tutorial: Pretty Minor 11 Voicing

This short video lesson will help you build your arsenal of piano voicings, which can of course be useful for improvisation, composition and arranging. This voicing is called a Minor 11 chord because it has an 11 on top.

New Band for You to Check Out Called “Squid”!

Hi everyone. Thanks to Superstorm Sandy and my lack of power/piano, I haven’t been able to plan any of my JPC posts. Instead, I’ve decided to share something else with you. Here is a video of a new band that I’m a part of called Squid. This song is called “Sandy,” and it goes out to everyone affected by the storm. I’d love to hear what you think!